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Farm to Table

1. Breeding

Chicken companies purchase day-old female breeder chicks, called “Pullets.” At 20 weeks old, they join fellow breeder hens and roosters on the farm to produce fertilized eggs (not table eggs).

2. Hatching

Eggs are collected and delivered to hatcheries where they are incubated and hatched into broiler chickens that are raised for meat.

3. Growing Freely

The chicks are moved to local family farms where they live in barns equipped with advanced ventilation and heating systems and are able to freely roam and eat and drink in comfort, under the care of veterinarian.

4. Proceessing

When the chickens grow to the ideal weight to be sold for meat (usually 4 -7 pounds) they are collected and transported to the processing plant. At the the plant, they are processed quickly and humanely, and then thoroughly washed and cleaned, chilled, packaged and inspected by the USDA before departing for market. Learn more about the detailed inspection each piece of chicken you buy.

5. Distribute to Market

Distribution partners keep the chicken chilled during transit from processing plan to market, to make sure the meat you purchase arrives safely at local grocers, markets, and restaurants across the nation.

6. Meal Time

Chicken is the affordable cornerstone to a nutritious meal. Families can feel confident that they are consuming a safe and quality product and supporting their farmers in a great American industry.

Quick Facts on Chicken Farming

There are no added hormones or steroids in any chicken meat

Are hormones or steroids added to chicken?

There are no added hormones or steroids in any chicken meat.

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Chicken aren't genetically modified.

Are Chickens Genetically Modified?

Despite what the best urban legends say, there are no genetically modified chickens on the market. So how are chickens so big?

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What are Broiler Chickens?

What are Broiler Chickens?

Did you know that chickens raised for meat are called ‘broilers’ and are different from egg-laying hens?

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What Do Chickens Eat?

What Do Chicken Eat?

As chickens age and grow, their feed begins to change with them. We formulate their feed to perfectly support every stage of life.

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Chickens in Cages

Are Broiler Chickens Raised in Cages?

Chickens raised for meat (broiler chickens) are never raised in cages. Want to find out how they are raised? Come inside and see.

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There are no antibiotics in the chicken you buy.

Does the Chicken I Buy Have Antibiotics Residue in it?

All chicken you buy is technically “antibiotic free” – federal rules require that if any antibiotics are used on a farm they must have cleared the animals’ systems before they can leave the farm.

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